ADEIP: Age-dependent expression and immune profiles platform

ADEIP provided the differences of gene expression and cell ratios among different ages and genders. ADEIP includes data on a much larger scale (16704 samples, 54592 genes, 30 tissues, 22 cell types, 34 types of immune function, 2 gender) than previous databases.
circRIP: an accurate tool for identifying circRNA–RBP interactions

We provide an accurate and sensitive tool, circRIP, to systematically identify RBP and circRNA interactions from RIP-Seq and eCLIP data, which can significantly benefit the research community for the functional exploration of circRNAs.
CSCD2: Integrated interactional database of cancer-specific circular RNAs

An updated database for investigating the potential function of cancer-specific circRNAs with significant larger number of samples and circRNAs, as well as new functions to better interpret the functions of circRNAs, including the interactions of circRNA-micoRNA and circRNA-RBP, full length of circRNAs and the translational ability of circRNAs.
Detection of cancer-specific alternative splicing in circRNA

Detect and compare alternative splicing events in circRNA across different samples and conditions. More suitable for circRNA-Seq (total RNA and rRNA-depleted library, with RNase R digestion).
Cancer-specific circRNA database

Detect cancer-specific circRNAs in 19 cancers, predict the binding sites for microRNA, RNA binding protein, and open reading frame, and detect the alternative splicing of host genes.
Tissue-specific circRNA database

Identify and characterize tissue-specific circRNAs for more than 16 tissues from human and mouse, predict the binding sites of microRNA and RNA binding protein.
Visualization m6A database

Identify and characterize cell lines-associated m6As and develop a visualization and comparable interface for regulation and function research of m6A.
Neonatal jaundice gene and drug database

Through artificial literature mining for neonatal jaundice, we construct a manually curated database for neonatal jaundice gene and drug, supporting for the neonatal jaundice research.
Database of acute myeloid leukemia-associated lncRNAs

Detect and characterize lncRNAs in acute myeloid leukemia and classify lncRNAs according to the potential functions
Database of heart development-associated lncRNAs

Identify and characterize differential expressed lncRNAs between adult and fetal heart
A visualization and exploration tool for circRNA

Visualize and compare circRNAs across samples and predict the binding sites of microRNA and RNA binding proteins, supporting for function research of circRNA



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